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Hiiro Prince - E-RYT 500 ~ Spin ~ Pilates Teacher ~ Mentor ~ Educator

KINWA Bars are the ONLY protein bars I have found that accommodate ALL my allergies without any risks.  They are so nutritionally balanced - I love the high protein, high fibre low sugar combination.  They are simply delicious and keep me well nourished.  I generally keep a KINWA Bar with me at all times - it's now my bar of choice.”

Hiiro is a full time yoga/spin/pilates teacher and educator from Vancouver BC with a passion for empowering others to be their true identities.  He is an unconventional, authentic and forward-thinking leader who thrives on creating societal change.  As an advocate for GBTQ Men and living on the spectrum of mental health, he stands as a role model for healthy alternative lifestyles and helps others discover the same for their wellness.  His brand True Identity Movement Project is a platform, always a work in progress, to reach as many as possible who are on the path to self realization and self acceptance. 




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