Why You Should Add Quinoa into Your Diet Plan?

Posted by Daron Rosenbusch on

Quinoa is a grain that has been rising with popularity recently. Most people have introduced it into their current diet plan and consume it as a lower calorie serving compared to rice. Research has shown that adding quinoa to your diet can be very beneficial. Here are a few health advantages that come along with adding quinoa into your diet:

High in Fiber

Research suggests that quinoa is high in fiber compared to other grains. It is important to make sure that the body consumes enough fiber to help maintain a healthy cholesterol level and also reduce blood sugar in the system. It helps lower the chances of developing life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, when it comes to weight loss, fiber has been shown to help a person stay full, which can help speed up the metabolism to help promote weight loss.

Rich in Protein

Protein is needed for the body to stay healthy overall. For tissues to repair and the hair on our heads to grow, the body must consume a sufficient amount of protein. Fortunately, quinoa contains nine essential amino acid proteins needed to keep the body healthy and functioning properly. Compared to other plant-based foods, studies have shown that quinoa has one of the highest percentages of protein. Altogether, this makes this grain perfect for people on vegetarian and vegan diets to ensure they are receiving the right amount of protein.

Contains Antioxidants

Equally important, quinoa also contains a rich number of antioxidants per serving size. For people that suffer from inflammation in the body, research has shown that eating foods that are high in antioxidants can help reduce levels of inflammation in the body. Furthermore, antioxidants are needed to help create a well-balanced diet, which has also been shown to increase collagen production in the body. When collagen levels increase, this helps reduce the chances of premature aging while promoting hair growth.

Can Be Added to Almost Anything

Another great thing about quinoa is the fact that it can be added to your current diet plan with ease. Apart from using it as a replacement for rice, it may be added to your salads, oatmeal, patties, soups, and more. It may be eaten throughout the day as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It can be used as a great alternative to meat when properly seasoned with the right salts and spices. You can even get creative and add Quinoa to your favorite desserts to take your cooking skills to the next level.